Author: Asghar Ali Engineer/ Ram Puniyani

ISBN: 9789380828503

Pages: 278(HB)

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About the Book

In the aftermath of the Ayodhya judgment by the Allahabad High Court, many social commentators, activists, historians, leaders of groups and parties came out with their opinion in various ways. Making Sense of the Ayodhya Issue captures the background of archeological, historical and political aspects of the issue and lays the foundation of understanding the current debates. Tracing the evolution of the dispute and its political implications, the book goes on to present the intellectual atmosphere in the country post-judgment and gives a perspective about different facets of the consequences of the verdict. It gives the sample of the verdict by giving the major excerpts of the judgment, the opinions of all the three judges and the editorial opinions from different points of view. It includes the interviews of one of the judges, major intellectuals, writers and social activists. It also incorporates the chronology of events related to the dispute.

About the Author

Asghar Ali Engineer is a writer, activist and scholar of repute. Awarded Righ Livelihood Honorary Award (also called the Alternate Nobel Award) 2004, National Communal Harmony Award, 1997, and many other awards, Asghar Ali Engineer has written over 60 books on Islam, problems of Muslims, Muslim women’s rights, communal and ethnic problem in India, South Asia and Islamic State.

Former Professor IIT Mumbai, Ram Puniyani is a well-known writer activist. His books include Communal Politics, Contours of Hindu Rashtra, Second Assassination of Gandhi, Terrorism: Facts versus Myth. He is recipient of Indira Gandhi National Integration Award (2006) and National Communal Harmony Award (2007)

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