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Beware of the night: Dead bodies of women, all strangled, begin appearing on the hills lining the serpentine GurgaonFaridabad Road The faces have been mutilated beyond recognition A Bollywood film director has an adulterous affair with his scriptwriter’s wife and receives blackmail threats A night time rendezvous with the blackmailer leads to murder Prostitutes have been disappearing for yea from Mumbai’s world famous Kamathipura red light area Is there a monstrous shadow looming over all these events? As the police investigato from Gurgaon travel to Goa following tenuous leads, mysterious events on a film location shooting and murder and mayhem on a casino ship lead to a nervewracking and totally unexpected climax“Joygopal Podder is a writer who scripts alternative urban legends”The Times of India “While his language is simple, Joygopal’s plots are racy, with many twists and turns” The Hindu
“Joygopal’s reade find it difficult to close his books until they reach the end”Dainik Jagran

Vanished: Rita Kapoor, the reigning queen of the Indian film industry, wakes up to find the second half of the vast double bed empty Her husband is nowhere to be found As police detectives attempt to uncover the mystery of this sudden disappearance, other people connected with him also vanish Is there a common thread? Who was the mysterious woman who had been meeting the industrialist in the days and weeks prior to his disappearance? As the action shifts from Gurgaon and Delhi to Dehradun, Bangalore and to Mumbai, it soon becomes clear that the mystery is complex and there are important national secrets at stake People are not who they appear to be on the surface Dangerous deceptions are being plotted There is a game of high stakes behind all the mysteries – and all weapons are being used, including blackmail, adultry and murder

A Million Seconds too late: A tycoon's daughter is murdered in her sleep Was she the intended victim, or was the actual target her twin sister? What do the mysterious activities of the murdered girl's former employe have to do with her death? These and other vexing questions lead the investigating police office into a labyrinth of plots and subplots which appear to converge into a sinister and earth shaking conspiracy located within the tycoon's own industrial empire

Merchants of Dreams: Vikram Mehra gets his fit break as a director but has to fight his way up the slippery ladder of Bollywood success Sudesh Malhotra, producer and owner of the SM Movietone Studios, has to finally face the demons from his past Supetar Leena Chopra hates losing Vikram to Neelam, the aspiring actress Greed for power and wealth drives some into the arms of mafia dons The novel is the story of several move and shake of the Indian film industry The real life stories and behind the scenes drama of the film industry are often more riveting than the plots of films The stakes are sometimes so high that murder becomes a means of survival

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