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Why Don't You Convert Ballad of Bapu
  By Dr K L Chowdhury
  ISBN: 978-93-82711-64-3
  Price : Rs 245

Why Don't You Convert? is a collection of twenty-three stories based on true events spanning several decades in the life of the author— from the idyllic ...

  By Santosh Bakaya
  Price : Rs. 295

Santosh Bakaya is the first of Gandhi's innumerable biographers to envision his life as a poetic saga. In the Ballad of Bapu, she has produced...

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Confession A Jihadist Health & Happiness without Bullshit
  By Ponmala
  ISBN: 978-93-82711-77-3
  Price : Rs 200

A strange twist of fate makes a secluded Muslim woman the wife of a Hindu man. He builds a life with her but it all goes horribly ..

  By Jimmy Mathew
  Price : Rs. 199

How much of popular wellness lore is pure bullshit? What is our happiness quotient linked to? Is it in our genes alone? Acquiring ..

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The Outburst The Brown Sahebs
  By Dr Girish Jakhotiya
  ISBN: 978-93-82711-65-0
  Price : Rs 245

soaring heights, assisted by devious politician, Ramesh Salunke, and his Public Relations chief, Dil Bhojani, a wheeler-dealer plotting to set up...

  By Anupam Srivastava
  Price : Rs. 295

The Raja of Teekra, a dusty and forgotten kingdom near Lucknow, gets lucky when the British Resident visits him but also brings with him a leading revolutionary...

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