Atomic Golf

Atomic Golf

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Author: Steve Michalik &
Michael Manavian

ISBN: 9789380828213

Binding: HB

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About The Book
At a time when golf is fast becoming a fashion in India, the book by Steve Michalik and Michael Manavian is likely to add adrenalin to the already existing craze. They both stress that while a good body is needed to give essential strength for the perfect shot, a perfect mind is needed to execute the same. Atomic Golf besides teaching you skills to play and win at golf, shows you how to build a better machine, which will make you  stronger and faster to produce so much torque that the ball will explode off your club, and how to build an equally strong mind, which will allow that to happen.
Part One of the book, The Atomic Mind, uncovers what it is that holds you back mentally and the procedures that you can do to gain that mental edge.  Part Two, The Atomic Body, shows how you can prepare your body to respond with power to your command without qualification. Part Three, The Atomic Golfer shows what exactly you need to do and how and what prevented you from doing it in the past.  You will identify the problem and attack it from all angles with workable solutions.
A must-book for beginners not to go wrong and for those at an advanced stage to avoid committing mistakes of the past.
Salient features:
  • The steps to  fix your body rudiments
  • The process  to laser your mind’s focus and sharpness
  • The mysteries of a powerful golf swing with control and accuracy  
  • 579 photographs inside                              
About The Author
Michael Manavian, a graduate from the Professional Golf Management Programme at Methodist College, is currently a personal golf coach to many around the country.  His impressive list of students includes PGA Tour Players, US Men’s and Women’s amateur qualifiers, New York City Amateur Champions, PGA Club professional s and USGA state team’ members.
Steve Michalik, a triple- crown bodybuilding champion, whose titles include Mr USA, and Mr Universe among, among 22 various others, began developing his Atomic Intensity System of training as a youth. Michalik teaches the principles of atomic fitness compressing time, space and energy to increase matter to be a bevy of time- strapped full-time homemakers and corporate leaders. 
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