Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi AN INSIDE JOB?

Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi AN INSIDE JOB?

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Author: Faraz Ahmad

ISBN: 9789382711476

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About The Book

For twenty-three years a myth has been perpetuated that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE because it feared his triumphant return to power at the conclusion of the 1991 general elections, underway, when Rajiv, out of power was assassinated on 21 May 1991. But if this basic premise is knocked off and the alternate scenario is shown that the Congress which returned to power in 1991 even after Rajiv’s assassination considerably short of a simple majority, had no chance of returning to power, had Rajiv not been sacrificed thus, then the entire bottom of this myth is knocked off and the whole theory falls flat on its nose. This is the premise on which everyone starting from CBI-SIT to the Supreme Court and numerous analysts and theorists have built their castles of conspiracy. This book is also about conspiracies and intrigue, but it has attempted to explode this myth and seeks to find why Rajiv was killed if he was not likely to return to power in the 1991 mid-term elections?

About The Author

Faraz Ahmad is a print journalist of long standing with vast experience of covering crime and politics for several Indian mainstream English dailies, starting with the Indian Express and having worked for The Pioneer, the Deccan Chronicle, the Asian Age and The Tribune of Chandigarh. Having been a crime reporter and a political correspondent covering Parliament, he has taken keen interest in the subaltern politics in India, ever since VP Singh accepted the Mandal Commission report granting reservations for the social and educationally backward communities in India. A Master of English Literature, the author is acerbic in his commentary and spares no one in his academic analysis of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, neither the bureaucrat, nor the politician.

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