About Us

Vitasta is an independent, New Delhi based publishing house, founded in 2004. From a journalistic standpoint, as a publishing organization, Vitasta identifies pressing issues — human, social and national— understands their significance in the perspective of the overall well-being of mankind by giving voice to authors and supporting their passion and vision. Till date, Vitasta has a proud record of publishing more than 200 high calibre books on a wide range of topics and issues. Vitasta endeavours to publish books that dare the system and challenge traditional yet outdated thoughts and social practices; books that are intellectually stimulating, educating and interesting to read. As a result, Vitasta has a diverse portfolio of books, ranging from political and social issues to new age fiction.

In 2006, Vitasta hit the stands with Brahmacharya Gandhi and His Women Associates, a masterpiece on Mahatma Gandhi and his experiments with Brahmacharya. This remarkable book on the father of the nation was received well across the country. It was written about and discussed by every prominent Indian newspaper and magazine, as well as quoted widely internationally.

In the following years, India’s Biggest Cover Up, authored by Anuj Dhar, became a milestone publication for Vitasta. Immediately after its launch, the book stirred a nationwide discussion on the historical mystery shrouding the disappearance, and possibly the death of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. The book is counted among the all-time bestsellers in India.

Of late, Vitasta has also published a wide range of political and inspirational biographies, which include Born to Fly, a best-seller in 2016-17. The book is an inspirational biography of MP Anil Kumar, an Indian Air Force fighter pilot, who survived a deadly road accident and fought against the odds as a true soldier to lead a life of honour and dignity as a paraplegic. This book has already gone into three print runs and new orders continue to pour in. Narendra Modi, The Game Changer, by Sudesh Verma is another of our significant publications. The book provides a political biography of Narendra Modi and his success, initially as the Gujarat Chief Minister, followed by his phenomenal rise to take the reins of the entire nation as India’s Prime Minister.

Vitasta is proud to have also published a wide variety of books related to gender issues, both in fiction and non-fiction categories. The much discussed archaic practices of Triple Talaq and Halala are addressed in Denied by Allah (by Noor Zaheer) and No Country for Women (by Tasleema Nasrin). The Glass Bead Curtain (by Lakshmi Kananan) highlights the issue of child marriage in South India while The widow of Vrindavan (by Kusum Ansal) deals with the heartrending plight of Bengal’s widows, to name a few. Our current line-up includes books that delve into issues of historical significance, document educational institutions and human migration, portray authors’ personal memoirs, address human unhappiness in contemporary society and seek to unfold the range of social and national issues confronting the nation. We target about 50 titles a year for an ever growing and flourishing readership across the country and the broader world.