Flight of the Hilsa

Flight of the Hilsa

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Author: Amit Shankar

ISBN: 9789380828138

Binding: PB

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About the Book

What is happiness? A by-product of success or a state of mind? Flight of the Hilsa explores and demystifies the same while tracing the story of Avantika Sengupta. As a creative soul—restless and opinionated—life to her has been unkind, even in her chosen career, painting. A chanced encounter with a boat owner; some twenty years her senior, changes everything. With a new found 'success mantra' and the 'boat guy' by her side, she starts striding towards her long-cherished notion of happiness—of being a rich and famous painter. But will the Hilsa discover her true calling and happiness? A gripping tale till the end.

About the Author

As an advertising professional, Amit Shankar has worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies, spearheading communication for a global and blue-chip clientele. As a Creative Director, he is respected and known for leveraging his creative panache backed by strategic thinking. No wonder, in his kitty, he has some of the biggest creative and marketing awards. An avid music buff and a great exponent of guitar, his genre includes vintage rock, blues and jazz. This is his first book

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