Holy Smoke It's A GODMAN

Holy Smoke, It’s a GODMAN

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Author: Satish Georgy Kashyap

ISBN: 9789382711148

Binding: PB

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About the Book

Holy Smoke, It's a Godman is a first person narrative delivered from a jail in Copenhagen. In autobiographical mode, it invites the reader to take a journey across India with Jogender Dutt alias Redney Yog, a boy from Rajasthan who runs away to Mumbai and due to a series of bizarre circumstances, lands up in an ashram in the Himalayas where spirituality is merely a cover for nefarious activities. And then onto Denmark, to marry a gorgeous blonde and merge into a 21st-century hippie community.  Along the way, Yog has encounters with colourful characters like Sikh truck driver Rounak Singh, a Catholic gay Father Goodwin, slumdog Ali Murtaza and Aghori sadhu Baba Mastana. He is exposed to the best of Hindu philosophy and yet, in the same environment, plumbs the depths of human depravity.  

Why does he thank President George Bush for changing his life? Why does he kill Chacha Imam, a Muslim fundamentalist in Copenhagen? With unexpected twists and turns, and a light-hearted questioning of politics, morality and drug laws, it offers a glimpse of how exciting our globalised lives have become.

About the Author

Satish Kashyap is an unassuming person, taking life as it comes, interacting with people with diverse backgrounds in their own language, sharing their beliefs and yet staying detached, a keen observer of people's hopes and aspirations, plans and actions. Forty-year-old Satish is an Indian resident of Denmark. Widely travelled, he is also a painter and a performing artiste. An avid student of human nature, he deconstructs the human psyche in order to bring to the surface the world-wide cancerous urge to exploit fellow human beings for one's own self-advancement.

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