Waging a Silent War

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Author: Shaha Ghosh

ISBN: 9789380828718

Binding: PB

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About the Book

Waging a Silent War covers the heroic story of a family caught up in the grip of revolutionary fervour that overtakes pre-independent India in the 1940s. The story, a throwback to the past, is narrated by members of the Talukdar family, each episode dealt with by one of them, the prime discovery having been unfolded by the surviving matriarch, sepia tintedJulie Talukdar, who makes a final trip to the Ballygunj ancestral home along with her three children – Tanu, Tara and Abhi – before it is put up for sale.

A virtual Pandora’s box opens up when they discover the ‘shinduk’, an iron box, which lies abandoned in the house with its mysterious contents. It is an eye opener for the three: from its sepia-tinted letters, notes and a diary whose pages are rusted with age – they discover an astonishing world, a bygone era, where loyalty, treachery, courage, war and romance all take centre stage.

About the Author

The author lives in New Delhi with Shyamal, her husband of 42 years. She has been a student of History and she takes a keen interest in reading fiction with a historical background. Cultural activities like theatre, classical dance performances and reading take up a great deal of her time. At heart, she is a family person, hoping to have the children around as much as possible. She believes in honesty, integrity and hard work, and she values the dignity of human life, being particularly concerned for the underprivileged in our society

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