The Last Days Of The Storyteller

The Last Days Of The Storyteller

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Author: Anwar Ridhwan

ISBN: 9788192535470

Binding: PB

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About the Book

A breeze blew from the northeast. The flames lengthened, almost leaving their wicks...the shadows danced on the the old stories, when danger loomed, there was always a God. His father's words reverberated as Aziz once again shifted his gaze back to the gentle light of the friendly fireflies. The Last Days of the Storyteller is the tale of Pak Hassan, the village story-teller who carefully preserves oral history–the traditions, old world values, all that a story-teller represents–eclipsed by a modernising world with which he tries to but cannot reconcile. This is Pak Hassan's story until his dying day, told beautifully by Malaysian writer Anwar Ridhwan.

About the Author

Anwar Ridhwan, born on 5 August 1949, is a Ph.D from University Malaya. He won the Malaysian Literature Award for his short stories Perjalanan Terakhir in 1971, Dunia Adalah Sesudah Apartment in 1973, Sesudah Perang in 1976, Sasaran, Sahabat and Mejadi Tua in 1982/83 and Dari Kiev ke Moskova won first prize in the DBP-Maybank Short Story Competition in 1992. His novel Hari-hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman came first in the Gapena-Yayasan Sabah Novel Award 1979

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