Alex Drake and Friends The Lost Cabin

Alex Drake and Friends : The Lost Cabin

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ISBN: 9788196332990

Author : Aaditya Raj

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About the Book

You know what makes people likely to have an existential crisis? The existence of another world, superior than theirs. Well, not exactly another world. It’s another dimension of the same world…. Journey with Alex and his friends as they unravel the mysteries of the realms… It isn’t easy to fit in. Neither is escaping the fact that there’s yet another mission for them to accomplish. Alex is indeed in trouble, and he isn’t getting out of it soon. On top of it, facing tests and proving themselves worthy is one thing. Going on an espionage mission with the high risk of having to battle a deadly demon is quite another. You need to brace yourself, and delve deep into the story of a demon, a whole new world, new ways of living, and most importantly, new laws of Physics that… just aren’t easily comprehensible. Alex was not looking for trouble. But it seems like it follows him wherever he goes. With no other options left, guess there’s only one place to escape... A new mission, a new experience, a new concept— The Lost Cabin.

About the Author

Aaditya Raj

A budding teenage author, Aaditya Raj is a sharp and witty observer. Reading and exploring the vast knowledge of books has always been his passion. This passion led him to learn an art- The art of storytelling. He started by penning his ideas in the form of scribbles and soon discovered his flair for storytelling. He is a published author of two books to date, and is excited with more planned to come.

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