The Squadron Diaries

The Squadron Diaries

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The Squadron Diaries

ISBN: 9789386473561

Author: Nayna Yadav

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Binding: PB

Language: English

Year: 2019


495 ₨

About the Book

The vocation of a fighter pilot is a very specialized one. At present there are probably not more than 20,000 active fighter pilots in the world. Today India has maybe less than a thousand active fighter pilots in service. The demanding nature of this profession attracts a select few and accepts fewer still. Very few people have the privilege of being intimately familiar with the life of a IAF fighter pilot. This book creates a picture of the everyday lives of these heroes. To show more than the bravado and the wars. This is a book about their stories of training, camaraderie, about fears and motivations, and most importantly, it’s about them and their love of flying.

About the Author

Nayna is a graduate of IDC IIT Bombay where The Squadron Diaries started as her graduation project. Wildly enthusiastic about drawing, writing and reading, comics are her favourite medium of expression. When not drawing or at work, Nayna enjoys avoiding the outdoors and chasing stray animals. She lives in Mumbai, India.

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