Amma Life & History

Amma Life & History

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Book: Amma Life & History

Author: Papri Sen Sri Raman & Renu Kaul Verma

ISBN: 9789382711988

Binding: PB

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About the Book

Jayalalithaa was a superstar in every respect. Jayalalithaa—a journey is a book on her life and times. This book attempts to bring to the reader a whiff of the personality, an understanding of the person she was and the adulation that she garnered. Jayalalithaa was a convent educated polyglot, a beautiful young woman at the height of a successful career as an actor, capable of taking her own political decision. And that decision stood by her and her people through all the ups and downs that life threw at her.

A New York Times story called Jayalalithaa, ‘... a natural leader, glamorous and intelligent’. There was, undeniably, more to the woman than meets the eye. Her people were with her. She was their mother figure, not just an astute politician who won two elections in 2015 and 2016 with huge margins. And that is why this book.

About the Author

Papri Sen Sri Ramanis a journalist writer and translator. She is the winner of the third UNHCR CNES Media Fellowship, 2008; Interpress Media Fellowship in 200809; The Kaiser Media Fellowship in 200708. She has worked with several Indian newspapers like The Statesman, The Indian Express, and the IANS news agency and is the Editor of Book Link, the only newspaper of the publishing industry in India.  

Renu Kaul Verma is a publisher with a decade of experience as a former journalist with leading newspapers like The Indian Express and Hindustan Times. She is the CEO of Vitasta Publishing, which has carved out a niche for itself with showstopper books on Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Bose, JP, Narendra Modi, and several others. She also brings to the reader definitive books on women’s issues. She is the publisher of the Book Link newspaper.

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