Dancers in the Dark In the darkness of her skin, she found light

Dancers in the Dark : In the darkness of her skin, she found light

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ISBN: 9788196041366

Author : Ejaz Ahamed

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About the Book

Extreme poverty wasn't the only impediment in seven-year-old Kalki's life. Her pitch-black dark skin exacerbated her plight, making her a centre of ridicule in her village. Believing he's the cause of his sister's affliction, Karthi joins Kalki's side as they become consumed with ways to whiten her skin. But the determined siblings invite more trouble and lose their mother's life savings. Their journey to retrieve the money brings together a mysterious ally, an exotic festival, a divine intervention and a con artist changing their destinies in ways no one could have predicted.

About the Author

Ejaz Ahamed

Born in India, Ejaz Ahamed lived in the UAE until early adulthood before moving to Australia. His passion for exploring social injustices and racial inequalities influenced his writings. In the past, he wrote poems about life, the world and its complexities. This is his debut novel. After studying at The University of Melbourne, he spent many years travelling to broaden his views of the world. He currently lives in Melbourne with his beloved dog.

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