Kashmir The War Of Narratives

Kashmir The War Of Narratives

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ISBN: 9789390961191

Author: Bashir Assad

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About the Book

The stereotypical Kashmir narrative runs on a grinding machine of disinformation, half truths and concocted accounts unrelentingly flowing from Pakistan. This is an obfuscation of truth. Through the cruel, merciless arms of terrorism, atrocities and pain have been inflicted upon the Kashmiris. Hair-raising terrorist atrocities over more than 30 years tell the story of how Pakistan has ripped apart the life and happiness of Kashmiris. It is never easy to challenge the narrative constructed by Pakistan on Kashmir. This is not an exoneration of the state for its faults and follies. But Kashmir desperately needs a new intellectual discourse. It needs new perspectives. The beneficiaries shall be all of us: We, our loved ones, our society—all of Kashmir that wants to live an abundant, enriched and peaceful life.

About the Author

Bashir Assad is an audacious researcher, intellectual, author and motivational speaker based in Srinagar. He has written extensively on the Kashmir dynamics and on radicalization. Assad is the author of K File – The Conspiracy of Silence, one of the best selling books since its release. His second book is titled Kashmir Beyond Article 370.

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