NH44 Take Me Home

NH44 Take Me Home

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ISBN: 9789390961009

Author: Anushka Dhar

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About the Book

Young Anushka in this book brings to life the forgotten tragedy of the Kashmiri Pandit exodus from the Valley. Placing that traumatic experience in context, she offers a panoramic view of the history of the region, emphasising the injustice that continues to haunt the psyche of those who went into exile. Having left all worldly possessions behind, they struggled for years to find their feet and later spread all over the world to build new lives for themselves. NH44: Take Me Home is their story, the title expressing the yearning and sentiment they all feel for their lost, but not forgotten, home.

About the Author

Anushka Dhar, a sixteen year-old, is a blossoming Mumbai-based writer who strives to engage in mindful, progressive conversations. From being an A-grade student at school to a fierce and competitive sportsman on the court, this youngun likes to don many avatars. In addition to her studies, sports and writing, she is currently raising funds to rehabilitate and empower socially disadvantaged girls from one of Asia’s most infamous red-light districts. Following in the footsteps of her father, Deepak Dhar, she aspires to join the film industry and leave her mark by continuing to tell stories such as this one.

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