Patiala House Palace To Seat Of Justice

Patiala House: Palace To Seat Of Justice

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Author : Poonam A Bamba

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About the Book

This coffee-table book is a tribute to and celebration of the rich heritage and architectural grandeur of Patiala House. Though situated in the heart of Lutyens Delhi, its beauty got lost in the hustle and bustle of the business of courts. This book captures the journey of Patiala House from a Patiala plot to a royal palace to a seat of justice whilst chronicling its history through documents and oral testimonies/messages of some of its occupants. It takes one on a visual odyssey of Patiala House showcasing its architectural features like the conglomeration of chhatris, a long continuous chajja, protruding balconies, the jaalis that allow comfortable cross-ventilation, floor designs and stair railings with motifs of a peacock reigning supreme. The book captures some of the high-profile cases tried at Patiala House Courts like, the Parliament attack, BMW hit-and-run case, Phoolan Devi murder, Jessica Lal murder, and Nitish Katara murder, to name a few. Patiala House: Palace to Seat of Justice is a treasure trove for historians, culture enthusiasts, students, litigants, lawyers and judges alike.

About the Author

Poonam A Bamba, a former Judge of the High Court of Delhi, is the Chairperson, Police Complaints Authority, Delhi. She was elevated to the High Court from District Judiciary at Delhi. She remained posted at Patiala House Courts as an Additional District and Sessions Judge between 2008-2012 and as District and Sessions Judge in the New Delhi District during 2017- 2019. She had the opportunity to soak in the glory of this Palace, which has translated into this coffee-table book. Justice Bamba is a sensitive narrator and she has already written three books touching upon socially significant issues: Perfect Marriage – Not a Mirage, its second edition, How to Save Your Marriage, Temple of Justice – A School of Life, and Parents at War – Custody Battles in Indian Courts. She has a postgraduate degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, and graduated with Honours in Botany from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Justice Bamba was born, brought up and lives in Delhi with her family.

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