Only in Darkness can You See the Stars Martin Luther King Jr

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Author: Santosh Bakaya

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About the Book

He called his India visit a ‘pilgrimage’ The American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr spent one long month in India, calling it the land that demonstrated the efficacy of Non-violence as a successful tool of resistance against bondage, injustice and the power of the gun. Gandhi was the world’s guru who showed the way, leading the common man into contributing in a struggle out of colonialism. He made Civil Disobedience a household word. Martin Luther King Jr gave Civil Liberties a new meaning, ending apartheid in the USA, at a time when it became the world’s strongest nation. In the last 50 years, there has been no more powerful voice against war in the world, it is still Martin Luther King’s stand against America’s war on Vietnam that shines as an example against military might. He is the voice of America’s conscience, still reverberating. Only in Darkness Can You See The Stars is an MLK biography reminding a young India that looks askance at non-violence, what a struggle America waged to give itself equal rights, including sitting rights and voting rights, not so long ago. King’s life is an example of what is doable at the time of utter darkness. That what Gautama Buddha taught India nearly 3,000 years ago still holds good. At the end of Darkness is Light.

About the Author

InternatIonally acclaimed for her book, Ballad of Bapu, Vitasta Publishers, 2015, a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi], Santosh Bakaya is an academic, poet, essayist, novelist and Ted Speaker whose poems have been translated into many languages and received laurels, worldwide. A die-hard believer in Martin Luther King’s Dream and John Lennon’s Imagine, dreaming of a day when there is ‘nothing to kill or die for’ and ‘all the people sharing all the world’, she is the recipient of the Reuel International Award for writing and literature [2014] for her long poem, Oh Hark! and has also been conferred with the Universal Inspirational Poet Award [2016] by Pentasi B Friendship Poetry group and Ghana Government; and The Setu Award [USA] ‘in recognition of a stellar contribution to world literature’ (Individual Category, 2018).

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