The Angels of Kailash

The Angels of Kailash

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ISBN: 9789390961276

Author: Shubira Prasad

Editor: Manjula Lal

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About the Book

Aishani and Adheesh witness total annihilation of their ‘School of Warfare’, their beloved Guruji is killed and the Gurukul is destroyed. But there is no time to grieve. They flee to Mount Kailash with the help of Garuda devta, who takes them two years into the past with twenty undead people from the Gurukul, whom they must nurse back to life. The Angels of Kailash is the second book of the trilogy of the battle between the humans and the demons. In the first book, The Demons of Jaitraya, Aishani and Adheesh are overwhelmed by the power of the demons, but now they are back to face their nemesis, stronger than ever before. The real fireworks begin now.

About the Author

Shubira Prasad is an educationist, writer, and an astrologer. She is Psychology (Hons.) graduate with post-graduation in English literature. She has been practicing astrology for more than twenty years now. Her interest in the supernatural and the Indian epics led her to write this trilogy. The Kumbh Conspiracy is the final book of the trilogy of the war between the human beings and demons. This is a saga of love, adventure, heartbreaks, fierce battles, despair, power, and happiness.

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