The Kumbh Conspiracy

The Kumbh Conspiracy

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ISBN: 9789390961702

Author : Shubira Prasad

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About the Book

In Kalyug, the demons grow and transform into terrifying shapes and sizes. Amidst this chaos, Aishani and Adheesh are married with twins who do not know their own powers. The new warrior parents can only hope and fight for victory against the emerging darkness that threatens to devour everything. Continuing on the riveting adventures of The Demons of Jaitraya and The Angels of Kailash, Aishani and Adheesh prepare for their final journey - a journey that will decide the fate of the world as well as of their children. Will they succeed in slaying the demons or succumb to failure?

About the Author

Shubira Prasad

Shubira Prasad began her career as an educationist and has worked in educational institutions all over the country. A teacher as well as an astrologer, she is an Honours graduate in Psychology with masters in English literature. With a keen interest in the human psyche, Prasad is an avid follower of the Indian epics. She feels that mythology is just reality that happened a long time ago.

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