The Mystery of the Magic Mirror

The Mystery of the Magic Mirror

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ISBN: 9788119670642

Author : Shubira Prasad

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About the Book

What happens when you have three kids, a pup, and a ghost together in a huge jungle? Opal and Shailendra, a brother-sister duo, have just moved into a large house on the city outskirts. Much to their amusement, they discover a ghost in their house! Soon, their cousin Krish, with a cute puppy Chutney in tow, comes to visit them during the holidays. The kids embark on an adventure to find out about the ghost and end up befriending him. The friendly ghost Xoxo gets on a mission to find the wicked ghost who possess the evil magic mirror in the jungle and destroy it. The kids help Xoxo, and they venture into the mysterious jungle with duplicated images. How will Xoxo help the kids find the mirror? Will they be able to destroy it and save humanity? Join them in the quest and embark on a journey of a lifetime one replete with vivid imagination and excitement!

About the Author

Shubira Prasad began her career as an educationist and has worked in educational institutions across the country. Having a keen interest in the human psyche, she did her Honours in Psychology and then her masters in English literature. Besides being a teacher, she is an astrologer and has been writing on astrology and social issues. She is married to an Air Force officer and now lives in the National Capital Region.

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