The Siachen Soldier and other stories

The Siachen Soldier and other stories

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ISBN: 9788119670987

Air Cmde Nitin Sathe (Prose);

Suneet Madan (Poetry)

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About the Book

In today's troubles lie the seeds of tomorrow's stories. Air Commodore Nitin Sathe, drawing from his extensive service in the Indian Air Force, reflects on how the trials, triumphs, and moments of joy that once consumed him have now become the raw material for his narratives. His stories vividly portray life in the armed forces - from the thrill of combat to the rigours of training, the turmoil of warfare, the solitude of distant outposts, and the joy of leisure. Meanwhile, Dr Suneet Madan skillfully weaves her poetic magic around the central theme of each narrative, creating a unique and thoughtful read. These narratives, told with lightness and brevity, provide an intimate glimpse into the fauji life and will linger in your thoughts long after you've turned the last page. They serve as motivation or inspiration in those moments when you think all isn't well with life.

About the Author

Air Commodore Nitin Sathe (Retd)

Air Commodore Nitin Sathe (Retd) took to writing after 36 years of glorious service in the IAF. His columns appear in leading media and journals. Currently residing in Chandigarh, the veteran turned writer is a cyclist and keen adventure enthusiast who motivates young aspirants to join the Armed Forces. When not indulging himself in his love for graphology, Sathe can be seen cooking delicacies and devouring history. His earlier works include A Few Good Men and the Angry Sea (2014), award-winning Born to Fly (2016), Up in the Sky - Helicopter Stories (2018), and 1971. 1999. War Stories (2023).

Suneet Madan

Suneet Madan, a vibrant author-illustrator, crafts profound narratives through her poetry and short stories. Holding an illustrious academic background from the CEPT University, IIT Bombay, KUK, and Panjab University, she effortlessly balances her passions with the career in Information Technology. Suneet's creative prowess has garnered widespread recognition, with her award-winning writings and artworks gracing both online and traditional platforms. 'Poinsettia', her debut poetry book, introduces the world to 'duplet verses' - her distinctive style. Contributing to almost thirty anthologies, Suneet's writings find a home in the hearts of diverse audiences. Certified as therapeutic art life coach, she connects the life dots through her brushes and fountain pens.

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