Transforming India Gamechanger in Action

Transforming India: Gamechanger in Action

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Author : Sudesh Verma

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About the Book

The skeptics have been silenced. Sudesh Verma’s prophetic vision, penned in his groundbreaking 2014 book Narendra Modi: The GameChanger, has been vindicated. Witness India’s transformation from the ‘fragile five’ to the ‘fabulous few,’ ascending to the top echelons of global power. Under Modi’s powerful leadership, India emerges as a true Vishwaguru. Yet, his meteoric rise was not effortless; it was a relentless journey marked by unwavering determination. With meticulous strategy and fearless decision-making, Modi has propelled India’s development across all fronts - social, economic, and political. While GameChanger chronicled Modi’s improbable rise from a humble tea seller to the nation’s Prime Minister, this book provides a candid evaluation of his government’s performance. It examines the plethora of initiatives and momentous decisions, poised to redefine India’s trajectory. From global adulation to adoration within the nation, Modi’s legacy is indelible. He’s not just a leader; he’s a phenomenon, revered and trusted by a nation.

About the Author

With a career spanning over two decades in journalism, coupled with a foray into law and politics, the author brings a wealth of experience, particularly in dissecting the intricacies of Indian politics and governance. During his tenure as a journalist, the author worked with several prominent organisations such as The Newstime, The Deccan Chronicle, The Business Standard, The Statesman and various television channels, including NewsX. In 2012, the author expanded his professional repertoire by registering with the Bar Council of Delhi and embarked on a legal career, practising in various courts across Delhi. The transition further enriched his understanding of the intricacies of governance and policy making. His admiration for Narendra Modi’s governance model, particularly during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, led him to write a book titled Narendra Modi the Gamechanger. This book aimed to elucidate Modi’s approach to governance and highlighted potential solutions to the challenges facing the country. The admiration eventually culminated in his decision to join the BJP in 2015, where he assumed the role of party spokesperson. His involvement in national debates and seminars on Modi’s governance initiatives marks his active engagement in political discourse and public outreach. The multifaceted background combining extensive journalistic experience, legal expertise, and active involvement in political affairs, has equipped him with a unique perspective on Indian politics and governance. This breadth of experience is reflected in his latest endeavour, a new book that promises to offer insights into the workings of the Prime Minister.

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