Tribes of India Realities and Representations

Tribes of India : Realities and Representations

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Author: Ruby Bhardwaj and Charu Kala

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About the Book

The term ‘tribe/tribal’ is at the heart of several contentious issues of contemporary Indian society. For centuries the tribal communities have been subjected to domination and control by the outsiders and been victims of cultural genocide. As a result, their relationship with forests has been violated, their lifestyle that epitomised harmony with Nature, stands denigrated causing colossal disruption of the everyday practices. Does the process of subjugation and assimilation imply a complete disintegration of tribal practices and tradition? What are the challenges posed by modernisation, sankritisation, and globalisation on linguistic realities and its effect on tribal identity and culture? What happens when the indigenous language faces threat from the outside world? Does it succumb to the pressure and becomes extinct? This book offers critical insights into questions that are fundamental as well as contemporary in the field of tribal research. From oral cultures and language issues to the radical aspects in tribal Ramayanas and Mahabharatas, to ethnographic studies on tribal monetary traditions, textile, and handicrafts, not to mention the chapters on literary studies of authors like Mamang Dai, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, and Mahasweta Devi, the book encompasses a variety of research work that is multidisciplinary, heterogeneous in scope and yet, incisive in argumentation.

About the Author

Ruby Bhardwaj

Ruby Bhardwaj, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, JDMC, has researched and published on medical pluralism, assisted reproductive technologies and other issues of relevance in Medical Sociology.

Charu Kala

Charu Kala is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, JDMC. Her areas of interest include Sociology of Religion, Kinship and Social Research.

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