Vocabulary Villa Become a Grammar Guru

Vocabulary Villa : Become a Grammar Guru

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ISBN: 9788119670598

Author : Rachna Chhabria

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About the Book

English grammar and language are often dreaded subjects for children at school, leaving parents struggling to explain the intricacies. Rachna Chhabria, well-versed in children’s writing, has found a way to make even the most boring grammar topics come alive by weaving them through twelve fun stories. Meet the triplets Roshni, Aman and Rakhee and their wonderful mother, Priya Menon, as she takes them to Vocabulary Villa where they meet the magical elves and their wonderful caretaker Lady Language. Together, they explore the world of words and sentences, making learning fun and full of adventure. Life is never dull with Mrs Menon. A visit to the zoo, a baking session, even a sick day in bed – everything becomes an opportunity for an interesting grammar lesson. Metaphors, similes and alliterations, homonyms, synonyms and homophones – all topics are made enjoyable and playful for the children. Additionally, the book includes a bonus of thirty writing prompts to both challenge and inspire readers on their writing adventures.

About the Author

Rachna Chhabria
Rachna Chhabria is a versatile writer who has worked as a creative writing teacher, blogger, and freelance writer for various English newspapers. She currently writes columns for The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. Her favourite genre is fantasy. Animals feature a lot in her short stories. Some of her notable works include Shiva and Parvati in Magadhpur, The Giggling Girl, Buddy The Scavage, 50 GREAT INDIANS: Extraordinary Lives, Inspiring Tales, Chaos in the Jungle and Other Stories, Festival Stories Through the Year, Lazy Worm Goes on a Journey, The Lion Who Wanted to Sing and Other Stories and Bunny in Search of a Name and Other Stories. Rachna’s stories have been published in numerous school textbooks and anthologies.

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