Town Planning Towards CITY DEVELOPMENT (2 volume set)

Town Planning Towards CITY DEVELOPMENT (2 volume set)

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Author: Patrick Geddes

ISBN: 9789382711933

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About the Book

Historical records suggest the versatile Scottish urban planner, Sir Patrick A Geddes began his work towards the end of the year 1914 and submitted his report to ‘Durbar of Indore’ in 1918. He is credited with introducing the concept of ‘region’ to architecture and always advocated planning for open spaces and plantation of trees. Imagination when Indore’s Population was not even one lakh, this forward-looking scholar-demographer had thought of public health, drainage, openness of the city. His plan document, therefore, must be read by today’s historians, students of architecture, urban planners and environmentalists to know how a city should be designed. His principals of planning still remain alarmingly relevant.

About the Author

Sir Patrick A Geddes (2.10.1854 – 17.4.1932), was a globally acclaimed urban planner, sociologist, botanist and educationist. He created many institutes and designed many cities as diverse as Jerusalem, Colombo, Dhaka and Lahore - then in India.


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