Working Mum Survival Guide

Working Mum Survival Guide

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Author : P Davis

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About the Book

In a world where full-time jobs and family duties collide, mothers face a mighty challenge. The relentless pressure to excel both in professional and parenting roles inevitably leads to stress, burnout, and a profound sense of being overwhelmed. Creating harmony in this multifaceted terrain of raising children is a delicate juggling act that relies heavily on meticulous planning and informed guidance. From infants to teenagers, each developmental stage presents unique challenges and opportunities that require careful consideration. With more than 15 years of dedicated service as an accomplished Childcare and Family Advisor, P Davis has touched numerous lives with her expert guidance. A devoted wife and caring mother, she oversees a successful children's centre registered and regulated with the UK’s Department of Education. Working Mum Survival Guide is her experience on paper. It is a reflection of her many years of valuable experience. Enriched by the author's personal narratives and trials navigating the challenges of raising a family, the book imparts a treasure trove of parenting insights gained over time. Get ready to conquer the world of work and family, one smart move at a time.

About the Author

P Davis

P. Davis skillfully navigates her roles as a dedicated working professional, a loving wife, and a devoted mother. Coming from a multicultural background, she spent her formative years in various countries. This diverse upbringing has given her a unique perspective on the challenges of modern family life. Over the years, she has acquired invaluable insights into effective parenting strategies through personal experience and by working closely with numerous families and children. When she is not with her family or working, she loves relaxing with a book by a fire or watching reruns of old movies and TV series. She loves travelling and trying out new foods and experiences.

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