America in Crisis

America in Crisis

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Author: Dhanpaul Narine

ISBN: 9789380828046

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About The Book

America is in the grip of a crisis seldom seen in its history. At the domestic level, there is rising unemployment, a recession that seems to have no end, increased drug abuse, failing schools and the breakdown of the family. America's international image is dented by wars, the incidence of terrorism and the failure of the Obama Administration to bring about comprehensive immigration reforms. Dr Dhanpaul Narine writes brilliantly about some of these issues and asks that we think of the ways and means to resolve them.

About The Author

Dr Dhanpaul Narine is a graduate from the University of Guyana. He earned his PhD from the London School of Economics. In 2005, Dr Narine ran for a seat in the New York City Council. He currently teaches in New York City.

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