Battleground India

Battleground India

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Author: Maloy Krishna Dhar

ISBN: 9789380828497

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About the Book

Battleground India: Prognosis of Hindu-Muslim Exclusivism is an interpretive study of the historical spectrum of India from 10th Century to the present period. This period witnessed the rise and collapse of Muslim politico-military powers in India, the gradual sprouting of Hindu nationalism and, later germination of Muslim nationalism. Hindu aspirations to assert nationalism, cultural and religious identity, and achieve self-rule; and Muslim endeavours to assert a separate identity as a distinct linguistic, cultural, religious and political entity; have been projected. Initial Hindu reaction to treat the British as the deliverer and the Muslim attitude of aversion led to the disproportionate growth of Hindu and Muslim fortunes. 

The book interprets how Ashraf Muslims and the British connived to thwart Hindu nationalists and perpetuated the ‘Two Nation’ concept on the basis of religion, which finally succeeded in dividing the people, irreconcilably. The evolution of Muslim separatism since 1857 has been scientifically studied and discussed. The growth of Hindu majoritarianism and assertion of identity has also been chronicled. The mindset of 'living together separately' persisted even after Independence. The Indian Muslims continued to carry the burden of a minority identity crisis. The ambience of exclusivism continued unabated. Alleged minorityism practised by the state and Muslim clamour for better share evoked sharp Hindu reaction.

Battleground India has examined all these aspects both at macro and micro levels. The first unbiased projection of the deteriorating grassroots conflict prognosticates bad news for national unity and integrity.

About the Author

Maloy Krishna Dhar is a product of Calcutta University. After joining the Indian Police Service in 1964, he was seconded to the Intelligence Bureau, a platform that offered him in-depth perceptions and insight into Indian politics, insurgency, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and other ground realities of the nation.

After retirement, he took to freelance journalism and authored many literary works. Some of his bestsellers are Open Secrets: India's Intelligence Unveiled, Fulcrum of Evil ISI, CIS, AI Qaeda Nexus, Operation Triple X, Black Thunder, We the People of India: A Story of Gangland Democracy, Shakti and Train to Pakistan.

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