The Kashmir Story Part-2

The Kashmir Story Part-2

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Author: Inder K Chaku

ISBN: 9789382711759

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About the Book

Part 2 of The Kashmir Story starts with the Sikh rule in Kashmir under Maharaja Ranjit Singh followed by the Dogra rule. The book traces how the age-old composite culture of Kashmir (Hindus and Muslims co-existing peacefully) was replaced by the canker of communalism.

Against the backdrop of India’s independence on 15th August 1947 and the turmoil of partition unfolds the saga of the accession of Kashmir to India by Maharaja Hari Singh. From Sheikh Abdullah we arrive at his grandson Omar Abdullah. The National Conference and Congress were defeated in the 2015 elections and the BJP and PDP jointly formed the government.

The book traces the rise and spread of terrorism in the Valley. It chronicles the heroic deeds of Indian soldiers who died protecting Kashmir from Pakistani raiders and army. It describes the conflicts of Siachen and Kargil and the unfortunate exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. It highlights the love of the Mughal emperors for Kashmir reflected in the splendid architecture of the gardens and lakes. There is an engrossing account of the rich craft traditions of Kashmir — the shawls, namdas, samovars, kanger, houseboats, the springs, lakes, forests, flora and fauna. Kashmir is rich in performing folk art and folklore. The lifestyles, social festivals of Hindus and Muslims, their food are described vividly.

About the Author

In the 1990s, Inder K Chaku headed the Media Office in Srinagar. His dream of living in Kashmir was shattered when he had to join the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. He moved to Jammu and then to Delhi, where he worked for the Song and Drama Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. He wrote plays and translated them into performance and also directed programmes for the armed forces. He participated in International Film Festivals and worked with Theatre Titans of India, Shambhu Mitra, Bansi Kaul and the famous dancer Birju Maharaj. He writes regularly for Koshur Samachar and Naad.

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