Physics of God

Physics of God

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Author: Kartikey Singh

ISBN: 9788189766269

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About the Book

Physics of God attempts to find and explain the ultimate reality, God, using laws of modern physics.  It inaugurates a new intellectual order by realizing the much talked about and hyped but still awaited joining of science and God; reason and faith; physics and metaphysics.  It proposes a new hypothesis that borders science and imagination.  This work is a serious confluence of physics, philosophy, metaphysics, theosophy and theology written with a pen, which is youthful and bubbly.  Jampak Zu, the virtual cartoon character who has co-authored this book with Kartikey is an innovation in itself.

The work brings out seven levels of reality that constitute the cosmic existence.  Human existence participates in all of them. It lists the seven important parameters of reality and establishes a canonical inter-relationship between them all.  Laws of physics are then extrapolated into the realm of non-physical worlds using these inter-parametric relations.

The seven parameters work like seven interconnected knobs. By turning their values, the reader is made to undergo a journey from one world to another.  At the climax of analysis, the reader finds himself in the world of God.  The ultimate reality reveals itself automatically and spontaneously with a pleasant surprise that even God does not violate the laws of physics.  We see Him through the lens of physics.

About the Author

Kartikey is a civil servant by profession, engineer by education and philosopher-metaphysicist by calling.  He is an avid reader, writer and speaker in the field of what is called 'new age spirituality'. He has served in various capacities under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Government of India.  He stays in Mumbai.

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