Tulsi Ramayana

Tulsi Ramayana

Author: Satya Dev

ISBN: 9788189766450

Binding: HB

Price: Rs.1995

1995 ₨

About The Book

The author wanted non-Hindi, non-Sankrit readers to connect directly with this epic and showcase Indian culture for them. The task was to make this generation read and understand the epic in the original form. He stumbled upon the idea of rendering the same in Verse - a form that connects better. 

The author has tried to maintain the rhyme so that it can be sung and enjoyed. The book is indeed a rare treat for the English world.

About The Author

Satya Dev wanted his grandsons and other third generation Americans to understand the ethos of Indian culture. After trials and tribulations in the West, he concluded that individualism of the West must be tampered with the values enshrined in the Indian epic Ramayan.

15 years of hard work and inspiration has produced this monumental work Tulsi Ramayan in English verse. Born in 1941 in a small village, Uchain in Bharatpur (Rajasthan), Satya Dev left India in 1980 with a hearing impaired son. He had come to know of a special surgery that could cure his son and allow him to live a normal life. His son adjusted well even when he could not be cured. He is now an attorney in South Florida (Miami).

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