Gods Must Have Cursed Hindus: One thousand years of darkness

Gods Must Have Cursed Hindus: One thousand years of darkness

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ISBN: 9788194964049

Author: Subhash Kapur & Bhawna Gola

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About the Book

For centuries Mother India has welcomed the world with open arms, especially those seeking help or refuge irrespective of their origin or religion. But, ironically some chose to write a tale of persecution with the blood of those who embraced them. Numerous invaders like the Persians, Arabs, Khiljis, Turkish, Mongols, Mughals, Portuguese and British came to this land as guests. The believers of vasudhaiva kutumbakam, atithi devo bhava and ahimsa parmodharma had to undergo extreme atrocities– enslavement, forced conversions, rape, murder, self-immolations, and much more. The last 1000 years have been a period of darkness with the Muslim rule being the scariest and bloodiest. But why did this happen? What about Lord Krishna’s promise to Arjuna in Kurukshetra. Why did he not manifest himself to destroy evil? Did we forget that Hinduism was never about fatalism? In our scriptures, it is clearly stated that it is important to fight and slay evil in order to enforce truth and justice. Did the Gods curse us for failing to protect our motherland? Should we not ponder over this fact to prevent history from repeating itself?

About the Author

Subhash Kapur, born in Jalandhar Punjab, is in the trading and manufacturing business. A keen watcher of the political, economic, and religious happenings in India, he is dismayed by the low number of tax-paying citizens in the country. This, he believes, is not only detrimental to our growth but also prevents us from building a powerful military, leading to national security concerns. He lives in Botswana. Writer and poet, Bhawna Gola has been associated with top-notch television channels and media houses with her writing and filmmaking skills. After exploring the industry for more than a decade, she got into writing books with an intent to give new wings to her creative imagination and showcase her ideas about social & cultural issues.

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