Jinnah helped Hindus and Other Reflections

Jinnah helped Hindus and Other Reflections

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Jinnah helped Hindus and Other Reflections

ISBN: 9789386473806

Author: Prafull Goradia

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Binding: HB

Language: English

Year: 2020


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About the Book

The cocktail of subjects touched upon in Jinnah helped Hindus and Other Reflections may surprise some readers by their diversity. From a young boy questioning why with a galaxy of freedom fighters, we have Gandhi’s portrait on all our currency notes, especially when money was his last concern to how Jinnah actually helped Hindus. Why Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who welcomed Muslim migrants with open arms, is today offering them 3000 Euros as a return package? Many of the essays ask truly relevant questions. According to the author the Babri Masjid should be called Babri maqbarah since it is not a masjid. How acute is the threat of Islamisation of Europe? What is the future of minorities in Pakistan? Why did Jinnah call the Aligarh Muslim University the ‘arsenal of Pakistan’? Prafull Goradia also analyses why Indians still prefer sarkari jobs over others and what the causes of the failure of State Capitalism are. In the essay ‘Cricket in Need of a Revolution’ the author is critical of the fact that India has only one competitive international cricket team. Almost the same players play Test matches, One-dayers as well as twenty-20s. Why? We overstrain these players and might even be risking the quality of their game. Every reader will find something of interest in this collection of essays.

About the Author

Prafull Goradia, a former parliamentarian, enjoys writing and has authored several books. They include Dear Editor (1997), Saffron Book (2001) and Hindu Masjids (2002), a painstakingly researched work on how Hindu mandirs have been converted into masjids, predominantly in the pre-Lodi period. Krishna Rajya, which can be called India’s second book on political science after Kautilya’s Arthashastra, which sheds light on an hitherto unexplored aspect of India’s political life and Saffron Awakening (2017) are some of his major works.

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