Polarised Times Living in India Today

Polarised Times Living in India Today

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Author : Anil Maheshwari

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About the Book

Throughout India's long and chequered history, Hindus, Muslims, and other communities have consistently adapted while preserving their shared identity. India has long stood as a sanctuary for its diverse minorities, allowing them to nurture their faith and culture. However, contemporary India faces a profound distrust between its major communities. Centuries of mutual suspicion have given rise to new terms like 'persecution complex,' 'self-denial,' and 'victimhood.' Even more disconcerting are phrases such as 'holocaust,' 'massacre,' 'pogrom,' and 'genocide.' The need for dialogue is undeniable, but the ground reality tells a different story. This book also casts a spotlight on the role of left-liberals in perpetuating this divide. Polarised Times is an essential exploration of the pressing issues that demand our attention, urging us to rekindle the bonds of unity and diversity, for India's future stands at a crossroads.

About the Author

Anil Maheshwari,
Anil Maheshwari, a septuagenarian, has served for about five decades in journalism and has been associated with the Hindustan Times as a special correspondent. He has written about a dozen books and has twice been a short-term Fellow at Aligarh Muslim University. He is proficient in English and Hindi with a smattering of Urdu. The writer has contributed to various magazines and newspapers, including Economic and Political Weekly and The Frontier. He lives in Noida with his family, including his granddaughter Anya and grandson Ayan.
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