Return Of The Taliban State, Society and Terror

Return Of The Taliban : State, Society and Terror

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Author : Apratim Mukarji

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About the Book

From their rise to power in 1996 as self-proclaimed saviours and puritanical scholars with a mission to eliminate factionalism, corruption, and ideological deficiencies, to their ouster in 2001, and their triumphant return in 2021, the Taliban's stranglehold on Afghanistan is an unfortunate saga of people’s suffering amidst a brutal power struggle. Over two years have elapsed since the resurgence of these formidable terrorists to power, and their control remains unshaken. What sustains this hold? Unlike their first stint in power, the de facto Taliban government strives to establish diplomatic relations with the United States and the larger international community to navigate the dire situation. Nevertheless, the horizon appears bleak for the Afghan population, particularly for girls and women who continue to endure terrible violence while engaged in an unequal war against an unchallenged patriarchal society, as the world watches with no compassion or a discernible solution in sight. In the wake of these tumultuous events, The Return of the Taliban leaves us with the pressing question: What's next for this war-torn land?

About the Author

Apratim Mukarji
Apratim Mukarji is a veteran in conflict reporting. He cut his teeth covering the Naxalbari Movement in its bloody days in West Bengal for the famed Amrit Bazar Patrika. His next obvious vocation was to report the raging Sri Lankan civil war when he joined the Hindustan Times in Delhi. He has authored three books on Sri Lanka so far. As a foreign correspondent, Mukarji has travelled extensively across Afghanistan acquiring knowledge and sources in his first trip in 2002.
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