Death By Supermarket

Death By Supermarket

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Author: Nancy Deville

ISBN: 9789380828381

Binding: HB

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About the Book
The epidemics of obesity, disease, low IQ, and depression are the result of a new source of malnutrition caused by chemically loaded, nutrient-dead “science fiction” food in factories. 
In Death By Supermarket, Nancy Deville masterfully links World's obsession with factory food and our growing reliance on the pharmaceutical industries. This well-researched guide based on scientific studies reveals the imminent danger behind the low fat/low cholesterol diet and links the introduction of this diet to the proliferation of high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, endocrine-disrupting soy, neurologically damaging aspartame, and other unhealthy ingredients that pervade factory food.
About the Author
Nancy Deville is a real-food advocate, best-selling health book writer, and novelist. She is the author of Karma and Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You. She lives in Los Angeles.
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