Health & Happiness without Bullshit

Health & Happiness without Bullshit

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Author: Jimmy Mathew

ISBN: 9789382711674

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About the Book

How much of popular wellness lore is pure bullshit? What is our happiness quotient linked to? Is it in our genes alone? Acquiring the neighbour's car, queuing up to buy the latest mobile or something else? How much can we look inside ourselves? Wellness is today a trillion-dollar industry, but a lot of the dos and don'ts are not based on evidence. Thousands of nutritional supplements, injections, and fancy exercise regimens seem to be the fashion; as are various health foods and diets.

Can we look at the facts? Can we look at the simple diets of our Stone Age ancestors for help? How does one search science for the truth about preventive medicine? Jimmy Mathew has, through his stories and anecdotes, simplified an extensive body of knowledge and attempted to decode wellness and happiness. This book promises the reader both enlightenment and entertainment.

About the Author

Jimmy Mathew is a reconstructive microsurgeon and Professor at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi. He was part of the five- member surgical team that did India's first hand transplant, which was a double hand transplant.

His published works include The Stethoscope and the Scalpel and Blood, Sweat and Cheers! He has also published a book of memoirs in Malayalam. He is a regular columnist for the Malayalam website, His poems and stories have been published in various journals. In November 2014, one of his stories was selected through the Penguin-Sudha Murthy contest and was published in the book Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.

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