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Author: Nancy Deville

ISBN: 9789380828558

Binding: PB

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About the Book

We're living longer, but our quality of life isn't necessarily any better. With equal measure of easy-to-read physiology, wit, and practicality, Mind, Body and Spirit veers away from unhealthy conventional dietary and lifestyle wisdoms and shows how to unite these for long-term vitality. The author provides a series of straightforward, no-nonsense guidelines that show you how to take control of your health. This comprehensive programme addresses topics such as accelerated ageing and how to avoid it, how to properly care for and nourish your brain, managing insomnia, practising self-compassion, and the appropriate exercise levels for all ages.

Whether you are a twenty-year-old who can't wake up without four cups of tea and a cigarette, a depressed thirty-five-year-old with no sex drive, or someone later in life free-falling into old age, Mind Body and Spirit shows you how to redefine your sense of well-being in a toxic world.

About the Author

Nancy Deville is a real-food advocate, best-selling health book writer and novelist. She is the author of Karma and Death By Supermarket. She lives in Los Angeles.

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