Stand Out

Stand Out

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Author: MS Rao

ISBN: 9789380828428

Binding: PB

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About the Book

This book assists you in making the right career decisions based on your interests and talents. It highlights career selection, growth, personal and professional success and unveils a blueprint to grow as a successful global leader. It emphasizes the concept of employees first, customers second.

There are several case studies, anecdotes and illustrations to help the readers understand and apply this knowledge. It is an inspirational book designed for new, seasoned, and aspiring executives to reach senior positions quickly. The book is useful for new job seekers, working executives, educators, students and leaders at all levels.

About the Author

MS Rao is recognized as one of the leading leadership educators, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants. He has three decades of experience in leadership development and conducts training programmes for various corporate and educational institutions. He is a specialist in Soft Leadership.

An author of 11 books on various aspects of leadership, Prof Rao is the Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He is the Editorial Advisory Board Member for various prestigious international journals including Emerald Journal, UK and International Journal of Business Administration, Canada

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