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Study in Australia Planner

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About The Book

The Study in Australia Planner provides useful tips from authentic and official sources that will help you resolve concerns related to admission, visa, and post-landing support. For parents and families, this book addresses the finance-related challenges by answering the question—How to fund education and plan for education loan? Besides, the counsellors, the education agents, and related service providers can recommend this book to their students for achieving their goal of studying in Australia.

“Study in Australia Planner should be your starting point. It will allow you to prepare well and make a well-informed decision about your future. It will also assist you when you finally commence your life as an international student.” —Beverley Reilly has represented University of Canberra & CIT among Indian students for more than a decade

“It is important for the families to be involved in the student’s planning. Study in Australia Planner will assist the students and their families in their quest to make the right study choices.” —Pauline Drayton, Consultant with Explore English & MCIE.

““Study in Australia Planner provides a clear and valuable resource to guide prospective students to the course and institution that suits their individual needs. Planning for future study is a journey, and Study in Australia Planner provides a map for the exciting road ahead.” —Bruce Bradfield, Manager, International Marketing, William Angliss Institute

“I recommend Study in Australia Planner as an essential preparation tool for any International student to use. It will allow the student to be fully informed and professionally guided throughout the process.” —Ranikanth Sadanala, an MBA graduate and Student Relationship Officer at University of Southern Queensland, Australia

About the Author

Ms Shahina Khan has more than 19 years of experience in the international higher education consultancy. She is a recipient of multiple awards and a renowned expert of guiding students from the South Asian region for their higher studies abroad. Ms. Khan has addressed hundreds of student’s queries in the public events including study abroad exhibitions, school and college seminars and online events. She has trained over 300 counsellors and managers for counselling, admission, and visa. It is her passion to help students and their families to get the results expected out of the study abroad investment.

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