Success Is No Fluke

Success Is No Fluke

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Author: Lt Col RK Langar

ISBN: 9788189766849

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About the Book

Everyone wants to be successful in life but real success lies in the development of one’s personality with a spiritual blend. This book delves on spirituality and its role in developing a wholesome personality. The book aims at promoting spiritual and moral values of life which are found wanting in present times. The book intends to engage in conversation with a common man who aspires to achieve big but tries to find meaning when he is showered with repeated failures despite best endeavours.

It presents the rudiments of Indian cultural and spiritual thoughts. These will be of interest to those who want to understand the cultural values that have inspired success and encouraged people to rise despite failures. The book will be specifically beneficial to students and teaching community. The book is written with a view to provide spiritual counselling to enhance psychological growth for attaining psychosocial development of society.

About the Author

Lt Col RK Langar (Retd.) fought three major wars in 1962, 1965 and 1971. He devoted his post-Army life in pursuit of spiritual issues. He studied the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedanta and comparative religions to understand the underlying values that shape Indian personalities. These resulted in a book called Ascension containing articles on spiritual, religious, educational and social themes. Col Langar is greatly intrigued by the desperation of the younger generation to achieve cult status overnight.

The present book tries to look at some of these issues and provides inspiring logic to stand erect and start the struggle on firmer footing. For the last 18 years, Col Langar has been writing regularly in newspapers and journals on issues like spirituality, comparative religions and personality development. He conducts regular classes on spirituality and personality development.

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