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There is Life after Cancer- Hope Soars

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Author: Jyotsna Govil

ISBN: 9789380828053

Binding: PB

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About the Book

A chill runs down one's spine with the discovery that one is diagnosed with cancer. The dream of a beautiful life ahead and the desire to have the whole world at one's feet suddenly comes crashing down.

Hope Soars narrates heart-rending stories of those brave men and women, patients and caregivers, who faced the onslaught of cancer with rare and unbridled courage. Some of these stories will take you through the lives of a professor who shuffled her lectures, her appointments with the doctor and chemotherapy sessions, and it was all in a day's work for her; a mother who lost her little one at a very tender age when he was just beginning to dream big; a young girl who had the entire life ahead of her when she found the malignant tumour in her body; and, a beautiful woman who could not bear to look at herself in the mirror after her mastectomy. But they all emerged winners in the end.

These are their stories of triumph over cancer. Hope is the common link uniting these thirty-four unique and fascinating stories. Readers will be caught unaware saying along with those who have suffered that "Yes, we CAN."  And this is the spirit that the book seeks to promote—the true mission of Indian Cancer Society.

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