A Novel Karma

A Novel Karma

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Author: Nancy Deville

ISBN: 9789380828060

Binding: PB

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About the Book

While having a seemingly harmless glass of tea at a bazaar in Istanbul, Meredith Fitzgerald, a beautiful soon to be married American doctor finds her privileged world turned upside down. As she's waiting for the police to arrive to collect an abandoned gypsy girl left in her keeping, Meredith's vision starts to blur and the bazaar music turns into a high-pitched whine. She recognizes too late that the tea was spiked with chloral hydrate, rendering her helpless.

In this gripping novel, a confusing scenario grows yet more frightening as Meredith realizes that she has been abducted and swept into the dark world of the human sex trade. The once confident, self-reliant doctor finds herself trafficked to Mumbai and trapped in a brothel compound where she's expected to work as the doctor. But maybe, just maybe, she is not as helpless as she appears.

About the Author

Nancy Deville is a renowned author based in Boston, Massachusetts. This is her first novel. She is already known as a bestselling health book writer and the author of the non-fiction exposé of the food, diet and drug industries, Death by Supermarket.

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