My Little Boat

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Author: Mariam Karim

ISBN: 9789380828268

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About the Book

Set in post-Babri Masjid, post-Pokhran Uttar Pradesh, this is the story of a woman in search of esoteric truths, caught in a world of prejudice, stagnation and violence. Nasreen grew up in London and in Paris with her mother Saira, a rebel poet. Perhaps knowing the hardships and loneliness of a rebel life, Saira married off her daughter at the age of eighteen to Javed , a kind and loving man, the editor of a local newspaper, in a small UP town, Rahimganj.

Nasreen appears happy enough in her new life until Javed decides to send their daughter Mehjabeen away to a boarding school. In three voices and cinematographic style, the novel puts forward the philosophy that perhaps the destiny of the Soul is not the same as the destiny of the Body.

About the Author

Novelist, playwright and children’s writer Mariam Karim was born in Lucknow and educated at JNU, New Delhi, and the Sorbonne in Paris. A teacher of French language and literature, she has travelled widely and brings the flavour of her travels both within the country and outside, into her writing. Her books and plays have been nominated for International and Indian awards. She writes for children under the name Mariam Karim-Ahlawat. She lives in Delhi.


…reminiscent of Helene Cixous and Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts….. Quite competently and  poetically mad.
– The Telegraph, Kolkata
Three generations of free-thinking women, their quests and questions: ….the characters, especially the women... keep you turning the page.
– India Today
Mariam Karim is a naturally talented writer, articulate and sensitive. She manages to effortlessly juxtapose the everyday issues confronting post-Pokhran India, like fanaticism and communal conflict, with abstract thoughts and ideas such as a woman’s search for her identity.
– The Dawn, Pakistan
The handling of form is exceptional and both Karim and her publisher need to be complimented for treading a separate path.
– The Statesman, New Delhi
The novel is profound in meaning, rich in imagery, and impressive in prose. High on metaphysical elements, it takes up the cause of the free spirit, without which the equation of life can never be balanced.
– The Tribune
…she serves us both---the lyricism of a personal narrative, and the aggressive directness of a political one….a deeply compelling and compassionate book…
– The Book Review, South Asia Special-V

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