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Author: Karen Johnnie Scott alias
Kaushalya Charan De

ISBN: 9788189766818

Binding: PB

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About The Book

An American girl is given in adoption since her biological parents have no means to support her. The new family loves her immensely but fails to prevent her exposure to sex when she is two. She moves to school but still cannot come out of her obsession with sex. Later, she comes across hippies and gets addicted to drugs, plunging deeper and deeper into the unknown. She goes into lesbianism and the search for quick money leads her to a credit card scam for which she is convicted. Stuck between the wildly changing times and her drug addiction, she continues to search for some stability, which is provided by her bona fide spiritual master Srila Prabhupada’s Hare Krishna movement. But before she could be cleansed of all sins, she is pushed in the vortex of drug abuse once more. Does she continue to live a meaningless life of drugs, sex and violence, or does she succeed in cleansing her life and her soul? Are all her questions about life answered? Can she be rescued from the hellish depths she has plunged into? A gripping story till the end.

About The Author

Karen Johnnie Scott alias Kaushalya Charan De was born in San Francisco, California. She came to India in February 1983 when she joined Lord Srila Prabhupada’s spiritual organization, ISKCON. Kaushalya Charan De stayed in ISKCON for six years. In 1991, she was initiated to Lord Srila Prabhupada through the Rikvik ceremony on the holy day of Radhastami. Kaushalya is at present living in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is studying media communications. She is living in a homeless shelter while still writing books about her life.

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