Women In Perspective

Women In Perspective

Author: Shoma A Chatterji

ISBN: 8189766245

Binding: HB

Price: 595 Rs.

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About The Book

The very notion of woman submissiveness, spontaneous, trained or socially conditioned, has triggered off a range of varied shades of violence around her in the form of domestic violence, female foeticide, female infanticide, rape, acid attacks, denial of parliamentary participation and so on. Through this book, which is a collection of essays on women related issues, the author has sought to highlight the images of women as they see them. The multiple ways and gender bias as seen through the eyes of women. While the male dominated feudal society discusses things from a traditional viewpoint, these essays try to touch upon what impact these incidents produce on suffering women. The central theme is why should she be treated as a commodity. Why is she defied to be commodified? Why can’t society treat her as equal? 

About The Author

Shoma A Chatterji is a noted author, freelance journalist and film scholar. Her areas of specialization include cinema, gender, television, child rights, human rights, literature and relationships. She conducts workshops on writing, journalism and film appreciation in Mumbai and Kolkata, and has made presentations on gender and cinema across India and beyond. She has served on the International and FIPRESCI Jury at several Film Festivals across the world. She has been the recipient of many awards.

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