The Pink Identity

The Pink Identity

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Author: Neelanjana

ISBN: 9789380828183

Binding: PB

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About The Book

Michele has been looking for answers for a long time. She remained behind the doors fearing the embarrassment that truth would accompany. Therapy presents her life in a new way, to look beyond the obvious. It teaches Michele to accept life the way it comes, to make her choices towards the life she desired for, and to live the fullest. Michele’s quest continues as she steps into her desired choices.

Do her parents accept her for the person she is… does she regret ‘coming out’ to the world… what happens behind the doors? This is a true account of a struggling woman, who seeks her identity despite all odds. Her life becomes a source of inspiration for the author. An unswerving heart accepts all challenges before finding the unsurpassed.

About The Author

Nneelanjana is a mental health counsellor and is a post graduate in Mental Health Counselling Psychology from Boston College, USA. In Boston, she was working in a college setting counseling unit on adolescent issues, especially gender identity crisis. At present, she resides in India and continues to write in her area of expertise.

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