Exploring Computer Fundamentals MS Office

Exploring Computer Fundamentals MS Office

Author: Anupam Jain / Navneet Mehra

ISBN: 9789380828022

Binding: PB

Price: 150 Rs.

150 ₨

About the Author

Anupam Jain is centre head of Hartron approved workstation in Chandigarh and runs MMC Computers/IT Campus in the city. A name synonymous with computer education since 1991, Anupam is an inspiration for thousands of her students, who have benefitted from her carefully developed course contents and are placed in various MNCs and government undertakings.

Navneet Mehra is a certified ethical hacker and has written a book on Hackers Beware for Macmillan Publishers (India). His another book Fundamentals of IT is in the press and is being published by Vitasta Publishing.

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