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Reliving Sujatha: His Best Stories in English

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About the Book

Reliving Sujatha is a fascinating collection of 8 stories written by prolific Tamil writer Sujatha Rangarajan and translated by Vimala Balakrishnan, a recipient of Katha and Sahitya Akademi awards for translation from Tamil to English. Sujatha was a prolific writer of popular fiction in Tamil whose writing career spanned almost 50 years. Translated for the first time, into English, this selection has been carefully chosen, for an audience of readers who are interested in stories about India. The tales by Sujatha, in this collection, are replete with shocking twists, characters, and life situations with whom the reader is bound to feel an emotional connect.

Hey Raja Stop, a novella, is an enthralling story about mind control with its twists and turns. It features the lawyer duo, Ganesh and Vasanth, who became very popular with the readers. A diabolical plot is hatched to murder the visiting President of Syliana using Raja, the simple foreman of the factory.  

Jillu is a heartrending story where an innocent young boy and his pet dog become victims of the fallout of nuclear warfare. Rice reflects the common man's aversion to being a witness to an accident for fear of police involvement and wastage of time. Sacrifice is the story of a man waiting for his flight at Chicago's O'Hare airport. He leaves the airport with a tuft-haired American swamy out of curiosity to see his ashram with disastrous consequences.

Guru Prasad's Last Day is the poignant story of the apathy and callousness of an ambulance driver and hospital staff who shunt a dying patient from hospital to hospital leading to his death. In The Edge, a man plans to kill his friend. The psychological twist at the end leaves us gasping with surprise.

About the Author

Sujatha was a prolific writer of popular fiction in Tamil. His writing career spanned almost 50 years from the 1960s to 2008. He wrote thrillers, science fiction, psychological thrillers, film scripts, and articles based on science, technology, and neurosciences. Kakitha Changiligal, Ullam Thuranthavan, Pesum Bommaikal , and Nillungal Rajave are some of his popular works. Many of his novels and short stories have been made into films and also adapted for television. He was an electronic engineer and retired as General Manager, Bharat Electronics, Bangalore. He was conferred the “Vaswik” award for his contribution towards the electronic voting machine by the Tamil Nadu government.





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